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Activity Treatment Programmes

Treating Addictions with Activities

Residential therapy coupled with a range of activities and community involvement has been shown to be highly effective in treating video game addiction and internet addiction, especially for younger people and teenagers. As well as removing the computers and other tools needed for these addictions to be maintained, giving young people exposure to a wide range of potential new hobbies and their local community allows them to focus entirely on their problems wihout any digital distractions.

For many teens this is a unique experience – many young people have never really spent much time being active, especially out and about in their local community, as their only hobbies consist of sitting in doors using computers or consoles – which can be incredibly eye-opening. The false sense of control which often feeds a gaming addiction is quickly dispelled when taking part in community activities, taking the focus away from the potential to influence other people and the environment and placing it squarely back on the addict themselves. In short, addicts rapidly learn that there are really no limits to how they can control their own actions and choices, but there are very definite ones on how they can influence other people and the world around them.

Specialised counsellors and guides are there to help addicts every step of the way, talking them through each new co-operative technique and activity they take part in and how the underlying principles can be applied back at home and in their normal daily lives. Focus is placed on learning and co-operation, removing the aggressive competitiveness which can often drive so many young people into gaming or internet addiction in the first place.

Those undergoing a community activity based treatment tend to quickly find enjoyment and satisfication in the simpler things like taking a lunch break outdoors, completing a project or spending time with others working towards a common goal. The notion of real friends and family members to talk and enjoy offline activities with is emphasised and new healthy hobbies are encouraged to develop. This allows addicts to reconnect with the real world and recognise all it has to offer them, providing a therapeutic experience that will stay with them for a long time – hopefully the rest of their lives.

Activity-based therapy is a powerful and highly valuable experience for an internet or video game addict. Successfully completing one of these programmes gives a strong sense of achievement along with a real sense of personal growth, particularly for shy or introverted young people and teenagers. This gives them all the tools they need to move on to the next stage of their lives healthier, happier and addiction free.

To find out how community activitiy programmes or any other video game addiction treatments could be of benefit to you or someone you care about, give us a call today in complete confidence and start your journey back to a more happy and healthy lifestyle.

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