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Treatment Options for Internet & Video Game Addiction

A video game or internet addiction should be treated in the same way as any other addiction. Gamers and compulsive web users are often trying to escape problems in their lives just as other addicts do, but instead of taking drugs, drinking or engaging in more well known problematic behaviours they instead resort to excessive use of video games or the web.

As with most other addictions, forcing the addict to suddenly go “cold turkey” is rarely helpful, especially without professional help. Firstly there is the problem that computers are a normal part of everyday life, so simply stopping all use of computers is practically impossible. Taking away video game consoles from those who are using their gaming addiction to hide from negative feelings will only serve to aggravate underlying problems.

Especially in teens and younger people, there is often a temptation to “get them out of the house” and force them into a boot-camp style programme which enforces other hobbies or highly competetive physical activities. Again, this can have the opposite to the desired effect – most younger people who suffer from these types of addictions tend to be inherently shy or nervous around real people, so forcing them into an extroverted social environment will only cause them to withdraw further into themselves and can result in even more serious problems.

Our Approach

Our specialist video game addiction and internet addiction treatment options are designed to gently help and encourage video game and internet addicts into a healthier lifestyle with a more balanced used of these practical and enjoyable forms of recreation. The treatment options we provide include counselling, therapeutic sessions and specialist boarding facilities focused on residential treatment with a heavy focus on community based activities, allowing addicts to take some time away from the hectic pace of digitally-driven modern life and address the root problems behind their addiction rather than just the addiction itself.

This holistic, total care approach means that addicts who come to us for treatment help don’t just get a “psychological plaster” put onto their addiction, disguising any deeper problems. Instead they receive a complete care package including a complete aftercare advice service which will help make a lasting change in their style of living, bringing them to a new happier and healthier period in their lives.

To find out more about our caring and long-term effective treatment options for Internet and video game addiction, call us today in complete confidence to speak to one of our expert addiction counsellors.

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